The purpose of this web site is to spread out the teachings delivered by the Master Samael Aun Weor from his own books without doctrine or interpretations added, these books contain the synthesis of the great mysteries explained of a practice and easy way so that any person can understand it.

Dear friend, a message for your conscience has arrived to you.

Do you know... that exists knowledge, wich is entire practical to update our life quality and at times to contribute the transformation of our affected world?

Do you know... that knowledge was present in all the great populations and old civilizations, wich for we are not abandoned in the infinite cosmos, and which for great men like Buddha, Hermes Trimegisto, Jesus, Krishna, Mahoma, Pitagoras, Socrates, and so may other humanity instructors, whom through the centuries have shown us with their example, for whom the man has infinities of possibilities and they can and must expand, if we really want to know the truly happiness and the truly love?

If you need to search a logic order in life, if you believe happiness can exist in this planet, if you think the man is more than a machine, if you have the intuition that all the misteries are related, if you've ever asked yourself :"Why do I live? Where do I
come from? Why am I here? Why do I exist? Where will I go after I die.. What is the life I have Inside?"

Then maybe this is the moment to approach to these group of men and women whom know there exist other life style, other way of life to live much more harmonious, healthy and logic inside each self, this hard society unhumanized..

Get closer to know the truly transcendental science wich helps the man, never enslave and brutish!

Get closer to know the authentic main philosophy which becomes the man rich, never
dogmatize and fanatize!

Get closer to know the truly art of living with happiness and conscience!

Get closer to the Gnosis!

To finish we want to add a small excerpt from "Zodiacal Course"

"Schools have already given all they had to give. The centers of knowledge becomes to business classrooms, each with its tyrant that forbids its adepts and students to go out in search of knowledge; the prohibitions here, the excommunications and threats there, always leaving things for tomorrow, making a big issue out of the password, the amulet that save, the non-plus-ultra. of the secrets that no other school has."

"We are not looking for flatterers of masters nor are we interested in partisans. We are guiding pillars. We indicate with logical thought and exact concept the path to follow so that each person arrives at his Internal Master, he who lives in silence within each of you. We inform you that knowledge belongs to the Inner Self and that virtues and gifts are not a matter of false pretense and false humility but that they are terrible realities, that convert us into powerful and gigantic oaks so that the frailties of the mind, the threats of black magicians, the envy of tyrants can shatter against our strong personality."

"This course is for all the rebels of all schools, for those who do not believe in masters, for those dissatisfied with all beliefs, for those who still have left in them a little manhood and a spark of love."

"We are not interested in anyone's money, nor are we interested in monthly fees, or brick temples, of cement or clay, because we are conscious visitors in the cathedral of the soul and we know that wisdom is of the soul. Flattery tires us, praises should only belong to our Father who is in secret and watches us meticulously.

We are not in search of followers, we only want each person to follow himself, his own Internal Master, his sacred Inner Self because he is the only one that can save and glorify us."

"I do not follow anyone, therefore no one should follow me". Men offer human knowledge and God the bread of life; the truth shall set you free.

"We do not want more comedies, pretenses, nor false mysticisms and false schools. Now we want living realities, we want to prepare ourselves to see, hear and touch the reality of those truths. Let us take the sword of our will to break all the links of the world and launch ourselves head on to a terrible battle for liberation, because we know that salvation is within man."

Go ahead! winners, Warriors, to the battle!

Samael Aun Weor

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